OSW Review | WWF Sunday Night Slam 3 (1995) – OSW Review 96

WWF Sunday Night Slam 3 (1995) – OSW Review 96

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It’s OSW 96! Your boys Jay, V1 and OOC are back with a bumper 70m pre-show to WrestleMania XI: the USA Special Sunday Night Slam 3, a Super-Secret Brucie Bonus review, The go-home RAW, and the PPV Countdown itself!

Massive thanks to:
• YOU! Ya fookin’ animal ya
• V1 (sourcing the splicey-splicey)
• Chris of Reload Last Save https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu8UDDVtkpw (Game Grave: Five Forgotten Fearsome Fighting Games)
• Zach of TapOutCorner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6-3Rroup_E (Top 10 Shortest WWE Matches of 2020)
• Chris Nies https://twitter.com/MrNiesGuy
• Ciaran McNamara (PPV Countdown) Pilot for wrestling comedy sitcom BABYFACE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzCyFxOmJFI
• Ryan Castle (RAW VHS Guide) https://twitter.com/cali_castle
• Scott D. Farris (A Winner Is You gif)
• RSSLiam (Thumbnail artwork) https://twitter.com/RSSLiam
• Lewis TheRelinquished (Shawn Michaels OSW SEGA Soundfont) https://twitter.com/Lewisawyer
• Donald Kirby WrestleMania XI logo https://twitter.com/DKirbyJ
• RIPLEE (WrestleMania XI background https://twitter.com/LeeMounseySmith

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Release Date
December 21, 2020