OSW Review | WWF Royal Rumble 1995 – OSW Review 95

WWF Royal Rumble 1995 – OSW Review 95

WELL HELLOOOOOOOO! Here’s the brand new shiny OSW episode! Strap yourselves in for over 100 minutes of OSW goodness. It’s HitMeng vs Truck Meng! The Prince and the Pittance!

Massive thanks to:
👻 Chris of ReloadLastSave for initial video editing https://youtu.be/o0pw–BOCt0
🎩 Addam Animay for the animations! https://www.twitch.tv/mckodem
🦔 Lewis The Relinquished for the Shawnic animated intro https://mobile.twitter.com/Lewisawyer
🤼 Dino for all his amazing artwork (eg Bundy/Taker) https://mobile.twitter.com/lilspanishdee
🎵 Purowave for the chill vibes https://instagram.com/purowave?igshid=1fiy2p530r967
You, ya fookin’ animal ya! Thanks for watching 💚

Last Sunday: WWF Slammys
Tonight: WWF Royal Rumble 1995
Next Sunday: Super OSW 64 Level 7

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Release Date
October 25, 2020