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OSW Review 55: Wrestlemania X-Seven

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OSW Review 2: The Wrestling Classic


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OSW Review Q&A Mailbag!


OSW Review Golden Nogger Awards!


OSW Review 35: ECW Barely Legal 1997


Jay interviews Maffew of Botchamania!


OSW Review 36: Scooby-Doo WrestleMania Mystery!


OSW Review 37: ECW Heatwave 1998


OSW Review #38: ECW One Night Stand 2005


Podcast Killer Edition of iMPACT!


OSW Review #39: ECW One Night Stand 2006


10 Reasons to Love Hate John Cena – OSW Xtra


OSW Review #40: WWF Capital Carnage 98


OSW Review #41: ECW on Sci-Fi


OSW Review – WWE Night of Champions 2014 & RAW afterwards


Piledriver Q&As featuring Jay!



Piledriver Q&A #1 (Link coming soon!)
How to fix WWE, General Q&A

Piledriver Q&A #2  (Link coming soon!)
Jake/HoF, McIntyre/Sandow, Bischoff/Russo Hug, Lawler/Dr Death, Hogan/Dungeon of Doom, WrestleMania IV Finish, Awesome/WCW, best of HHH, Next Austin, Cena/Heel, Great ECW PPV, Tornado

Piledriver Q&A #3
RAW1000, Saba Simba, Max Moon, Tatanka, Warrior/jobs, Hogan tombstoned, 1st Rumble, Wellness, Bischoff 2002, WM30/Wembley, Edge’s 1st run, WM24 Power, Matt Hardy 2005


Piledriver Q&A #4
Rumble 05 finish, Goldberg E.C. & Bounty, Eddie Title/2005, HBK IC title/93, HiaC 97, Bret/Shawn/Sunny Days, Savage/HBK fight, Lex Express/WMX, Punk’s finishers, Sting/Hogan – Halloween Havoc/Starrcade, 3rd Member nWo, Raven/Goldberg, Taker/Hardy


Piledriver WrestleMania 29 Review
The good, bad and ugly of WWE’s biggest show on 2013.


Piledriver RAW after WrestleMania 29 Review


Piledriver Q&A #24
WWE wrestlers and twitter, Randy Savage/Vince McMahon story. advice for aspiring wrestlers and podcasts, memories of past angles/matches, bookers of WCW and MUCH MORE!


Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show #25
The very latest on CM Punk, Wrestlemania plans, and Elimination Chamber. We have a full report of RAW, TNA booking for Lockdown 2014, New Japan iPPV review and a look at the next two shows, plus all the news from the world’s major promotions.


Jay’s Interview with Kayfabe’s Poker Night’s Matthew Rude!

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