OSW Review | American Mary (2012)

American Mary (2012)


Plot: A medical student (Katharine Isabelle – gorgeous, but also believable in the role) suffers a traumatic event, and her new love for maiming & body modification engulfs her. Written and directed by The Soska Sisters (who directed the upcoming See No Evil 2 starring Kane.)

Thoughts on the film:
• It’s impossible to ignore the wide range of medical inaccuracies and disregard for basic hygiene protocol! (Myself and V1 are doctors, and she’s supposed to be a fantastic would-be surgeon!). That aside, the story is quite engrossing even if her descent into sadist isn’t as fleshed out as I’d hoped.
• Her experiments and entry into the world of cosmetic body modification is compelling and fits really well with the horror genre.
• Her new-found friends, a sleazy but relatively well-meaning club owner, and especially a woman surgically altered to look like Betty Boo, are likeable and interesting.
• This film really punched above it’s weight. There’s some moments of humour and seriousness and unbelievable just-go-with-it moments all blend together well.

Overall: The film dragged a little before the closing sequences rolled, but it was an entertaining and well-made indy horror film. Well done to the Twisted Twins. Recommended.


Release Date
July 30, 2014


  1. Patrick B. says:

    Interesting looking film, I’ll check it out. The trailer reminds me a bit of the film May (2002). Well worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

    1. Jay Hunter says:

      Do! Lemme know what you think of it. Just saw the May trailer, fairly certain it’s on Netflix, will check it out!

      1. Noe says:

        For the most part, this movie is about the characters and their flaws that often get them into sionitatus (often hilarious ones) you wouldn’t expect, in such a movie, as if the monster was completely irrelevant to the plot. Yet, the last few minutes of the movie are some of the most memorable and thrilling, true monster hunting deal. If you are looking for an awesome monster movie, with healthy dose of humor, thrill and an outlandish feel, this one is for you.

  2. steve c says:

    hey jay you should strongly consider reviewing “high tension” im sure im not the only one who would be interested in this review..

    1. Jay Hunter says:

      Cheers mate – I’m generally not a fan of home invasion-type movies but have softened after watching You’re Next. Will add High Tension & Martyrs to the list!