OSW Review | ECW One Night Stand 2006 – OSW Review 39


Release Date
July 2, 2014


  1. Absolutely fantastic to see the new site up, and I really enjoyed this latest episode. Keep up the good work lads.

    1. Hilarious! Virgil is at it again!

  2. Sega guy says:

    Damn ECW hipsters. Mass hating on John Cena before it was cool!

  3. SeanDaRyan says:

    HAHAHA I got a shout out! sick!

  4. Sofija says:

    Wow, those tags made me laugh.In terms of the facts, I would love it if TNA actually straetd to be a reasonable threat to Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire. I think most of the reason that the WWE has become as stale as it has been is due to the fact they have no competition. They don’t have to take any risks, they don’t have to try to win over the audience of a rivalling faction like they did with WCW because there IS no rivalling faction. Although I do agree, this is a complete dick move on the half of Vinny Mac, but as you said, he’s a ruthless businessman. You wouldn’t expect anything more or anything less.