OSW Review | WrestleMania 31 – OSW Review 49

WrestleMania 31 – OSW Review 49

A BRUCIE BONUS EPISODE! Jay & MAFFEW of Botchamania take on WrestleMania 31!
Featuring WORZELMANIA, Hunter-Killer Hearst Helmsley and Romany Gypsy Reigns!
If you’ve problems viewing the vid, turn AdBlock & HD off!

Special Thanks To:
Maffew for co-hosting! @MaffewGregg
Chris from ReloadLastSave.com for the custom intro!
Chris Fox for interviewing The Hulkster in an OSW tee! @psychof0x
Jimm McShane & @uberlou for their photoshop skills!
LeeTrons for his sweet RAW intro
Cedric for finding a Nogger bar!

Update on Episode 50, No Way Out 2001! OSWreview.com/update-7apr


Release Date
April 5, 2015