OSW Review | WWF Survivor Series 1994 – OSW Review 93

WWF Survivor Series 1994 – OSW Review 93

The Amazing Spider-Bret faces his greatest foe with the rise of DUCKARSE! Your favourite Irish boys Jay, V1 & OOC return with the 1994 Survivor Series, featuring a submission match for the WWF title, champion Bret Hart vs BOB Backlund!

Chris for video editing https://www.youtube.com/user/scummoftheearth
V1 for the splicey-splicey Twitch.tv/OSWreview
DANKMUS for the incredible B A C K L U N D song! I S A I D F R E N C H F R I E S !
Carl @OSWreviewToons for artwork @OSWreviewToons
Donald Kirby for the Spider-Bret and Lincoln Backlund artwork https://twitter.com/DKirbyJ
Dino for the KKB and Taker/Yoko artwork! https://twitter.com/lilspanishdee
Ryan Castle for the AJW match and Backlund retropective! https://www.ryancastle.co/
Adam Annimay for the whopper animated segments! @mckodem
Square Eyed Jak animating the Spider-Bret and Lincoln Backlund bits! Watch his YT vid on bad wrestling games!

Next video will be the NoggerU review of the infamous Troll 2, public as soon as it clears copyright! Watch Troll 2 early here on NoggerU!


Release Date
August 30, 2020