OSW Review | WWF Slammys 1994 – OSW Review 94

WWF Slammys 1994 – OSW Review 94

Grab a cuppa and don your finest bumping pants, the 1994 SLAMMYS is here! On the OSW pre-show we’ll cover the RAW beforehand, the ’94 Slammys, the ’94 HoF, and the PPV Countdown to the Royal Rumble! 80 minutes of OSW goodness coming your way brahs, hope you love it!

Thanks to:
Lewis https://twitter.com/Lewisawyer for his awesome IRS Simpsons animation!
Liam https://twitter.com/RSSLiam for the spiffy new thumbnail logo!
Chris Nies https://twitter.com/MrNiesGuy for video editing (Slammys)
Zach of TapOutCorner for video editing (RAW)
Ryan Castle for video editing (HOF)
Ciaran McNamara for video editing (PPV Countdown)
You, ya fookin’ animal ya! Thanks for watching 💚

Last Sunday: Hardcore Homecoming
Tonight: WWF Slammys
Next Sunday: WWF Royal Rumble 1995


Release Date
October 18, 2020