OSW Review | OSW update for June!
June 3, 2016
by Jay Hunter

OSW update for June!


• The next episode, WCW Fall Brawl 95 later this month, roughly mid-June. EDIT: AROUND THE START OF JULY. SORRY GUYS 🙁 There’s a ton of splicey, it’ll be one of the biggest episodes we’ve done! It gobbles up all my free time after work so it’ll take a few more weekends to complete, wish I could spend more time on it! I’ll update everyone when I’m on the home straight editing 🙂

• Super OSW 64: I’ll be doing another live videogame music show on this coming bank holiday Monday, 3-5pm BST! Had a whopper response already, you can request a track in the comments section of our last show:

• Vimeo: Every OSW episode is on! To avoid WWE’s sniffing dogs I’ve made them private on vimeo, this’ll make sure they all stay up (fingers crossed!) Lemme know if you’ve any trouble viewing the eps – we’ve a new dedicated server so it should be smooth as rich creamery butter 🙂

• YouTube: WWE are taking a while to allow more older episodes to YT but in the meantime, WrestleMania X7 will be out in all it’s glory in a couple weeks! Hope you’ve been enjoying the snippets of older episodes being put up in the meantime. Latest one is

The three of us will be at NXT Dublin on Tuesday June 14th! Come say hi and grab a pint with us!

We’ve no other appearances booked for 2016, but thanks to @TheBradGimmick of @GimmickTree  we’ll be doing a live review show at WRESTLECON 2017! Here’s the announcement video! We’re incredibly stoked about this!

• We’re a bit low on tees and won’t be restocking for a while but you can check out our sweet, sweet merch at the UK/Europe store  and The US store!

Alrighty better get back to work! Smell ya later!